Donlin Foreman, Jennifer Emerson Foreman - Directors

FYI - November 14-16, 2014 Jenny and Donlin will perform the duet "Last Call" from the work Suite; Arms Around Me as part of the performance series Mime Body Spirit, produced by Kanopy Dance in Madison, WI.

Donlin set his a new work on the dancers of Philips Academy, Andover, MA, April 2015.

Man's awareness of dance, as a physical language, allows for communication on the most comprehensible and versatile level. Indelible memories of people, cultures, and experiences influence our artistic and personal evolution as we encourage ways of knowing perseverance, faith, compassion and love through dance. Just as physical sensation or 'feeling' stands at the core of human experience, dance stands as a common bond in our shared humanity.

Our performance and repertory projects all serve to foster communication and connections.

Performance Projects

Duo performances and lecture/demonstrations available for both traditional and informal venues.

Careless Love: Suite (2006/2009/in progress)
A series of solos and duets to songs from Madeleine Peyroux's album Careless Love, including "Dance Me to the End of Love" and "Weary Blues"

Dance: Our Common Ground
An evening of solos, duets and a group work all set to live music by composer Andrew Waggoner, in collaboration with cellist Caroline Stinson. The initial project involved students from the Barnard/Columbia Dance Department and Setnor School of Music of Syracuse University and is available to be set as part of an educational workshop/residency and performance in colleges and universities.

Talk to Me (2007) - the music and dancing of two artistic duos.
We feel the artists' whispering, demanding, and purring stories of their passions and loves. Someone says - Talk to Me - the door closes - and there is no way out except through the center of the heart.

An evening length work, made in collaboration with The Binelli-Ferman Duo (bandoneon/piano), Talk to Me is inspired by the sensuous and dramatic Tango. It is extremely adjustable to any size or style of venue, from nightclubs, to theaters, or tailored for site-specific events.

Gurdjieff Duets and Solos
A series of character-based monologues and dialogues in dance set to a solo piano score by the philosopher Georges Ivanovich Gurdjieff.
The notes abandon so much as they move. They are the food not eaten, the comfort not taken, the lies not spoken. The music is my attention to you.
* (excerpt from Robert Bly, Listening to the Koln Concert)

View past performance schedule.

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We welcome work with musicians, composers, designers, and other performance or visual artists either on existing works or new pieces.
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Choreographic Commissions

Donlin Foreman is available to choreograph dances, from solos and duets to group pieces, for professional companies, universities and schools.

Past commissions have been done for (partial list):
• Dean College
• Franklin Pierce University
• Florida State University
• North Carolina Dance Theater 2
• Barnard College
• The Bessies Awards, NYC
• The Martha Graham Company
• Mercyhurst College/Lake Erie Ballet
• Ballet National de Mexico
• The Danny Kaye Theater
• Ice Theatre of New York
• La Scala Ballet
• Ballet Theater of Pennsylvania
• Dance Theater Workshop
• The Manhattan Ballet
• Buffalo Ballet Theater
• Ballet Mobile
• The National Dance Institute
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Choreographic Restagings/Repertory

Donlin Foreman has a wide range of existing repertory to a great variety of musical genres, which may suit your programming interests.

Past restagings have been done for (partial list):
• Adelphi University
• New Jersey Ballet
• St Pauls School, Concord NH
• The Bolles School, Jacksonville FL
• North Carolina Dance Theater
• Marymount Manhattan College

Here is a select list of available repertory by Donlin Foreman,
many with possibility for collaborations with musicians/live music:

Standing (2008)
Music: Andrew Waggoner
Costumes: Elisa Jimenez
7 women, 11"

Gravel Bed (2005)
Music: Daniel Binelli (commissioned score)
Costumes: Elisa Jimenez
Spoken Text: Aya Ogawa
3 men, 3 women, 1 actor, 20"

But What if we lose the Dream (2005)
Music: David Lang
Costumes: Elisa Jimenez
1 man, 1 woman, 7"

Song (2004)
Music: Lisa DeSpain (commissioned score)
Costumes: Elisa Jimenez
3 Men, 3 Women, 18"

Cascade (2004)
Music: Chopin
Costumes: A. Christina Gianinni
3 Men, 4 Women, 14"

... And Courage has Grown so Weary (2003)

Music: Eleni Karaindrou
Costumes: Elisa Jimenez
Solo, 12"

Here on the Cliffs of the Heart (2003)

Music: Andy Waggoner (commissioned score)
Costumes: A. Christina Gianinni
3 Men, 6 Women, 24"

Lisa D (2002)
Music: Lisa DeSpain (commissioned score)
Costumes: Elisa Jimenez
4 Men, 12 Woman, 16"

"Lisa D."... a classical sequel to "Mean Ole World" his streamlined barrelhouse blues number...The witty beat and slippery slides of Ms. DeSpain's music were captured by the Cassatt String Quartet... light and well-structured."
- Anna Kisselgoff, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"...a jubilant romp for three men and one woman..."
- Michael Fressola, STATEN ISLAND LIVE

Dances for Seven (2002)
Music: Gurdjieff
Costume: A Christina Gianinni
3 Men, 4 Women, 25"

"Simple structure, introduced each dancer in a solo, progressing into pairings and larger groupings...rapturous emotional statement in the blink of an eye...courtly dances, complemented by jewel-toned costumes, moved through big dramatic lifts..."

A Man and a Woman Sit Near Each Other (2001)

Music: Gurdjieff
Costume: A Christina Gianinni
Duet, 8"

"...formidable and graceful in their presentation... we were watching sculpture in motion... we began to become part of the dancers..."
- Mizzette Fuenzalida, THE CHAUTAUQUAN DAILY

When a Man Steps Out at Dawn (2001)

Music: Gurdjieff
Costume: A. Christina Gianinni
Solo, 4"

Mean Ole' World (2001)
Music: Lisa DeSpain (commissioned score)
Costumes: Elisa Jimenez
4 Men, 5 Women, 23"

"Foreman paid tribute to the blues in his new Mean Ole World...churning movements for a cast of 10 reflected churning feelings. A clever sequence in which dancers slapped each other's hands with varying intensity suggested states of playfulness, squabbling, and reconciliation. It soon became clear that if the world was mean to them, these people would fight back..."
- Jack Anderson, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"...set to Lisa DeSpain's intoxicating jazz score...the dancers dig into Foreman's crisp struts and jitterbuggy moves with so much gusto that, well, you'll want to step aside... "
- Sylviane Gold, NEWSDAY

"...this is a work that makes you want to join the swing-era revelers onstage....jamming like the band on a night out with friends..."
- Lynn Garafola, DANCE MAGAZINE

Suite: Arms Around Me (2000)
Inspired by the Epic of Gilgamesh—the ancient fable of mortality. For the embraces of our friends lost to AIDS and time.
Music: Cello Improv, Andy Monroe, Josh Haden
Costumes, A. Christina Gianinni
4 Men, 4 Women, 22"

"...Arms Around Me is an elegy filled with the mood changes that are part of dying...there is a lovely openness throughout the piece, technically and emotionally."

- Margo Jefferson, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"...magnificent and affecting..."
- Sylviane, Gold NEWSDAY

Goat Song (1998)
Music: Johannes Brahms
Costumes: Jacqulyn Buglisi, A. Christina Gianinni
9 dancers, 25"

From Pent-Up, Aching Rivers (1998)
This dance draws inspiration from the writings of the same title by the American poet Walt Whitman,
and the painting, Night, by Swiss artist Ferdinand Holder.
Music: Sergei Rachmaninoff
Costume: Willa Kim
Duet, 7"

"The oath of the inseparableness of two together"
—Walt Whitman, From Pent-Up, Aching Rivers

"An expressionistic work to a romantically dynamic Rachmaninoff score with movement that pulses like waves at dawn against the shore. ...a love duet in which Miki Orihara and Stephen Pier move as if joined by some heedless centripetal force of nature."
- Jennifer Dunning, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"passionately expressed in the softly athletic and lovely dancing of Miki Orihara and Stephen Pier. "
- Patricia Laughlin, DANCE AUSTRALIA

So I May Say (1997)
Physically expounds on H.D.'s poem "Epitaph" and her relationship with Ezra Pound as revealed in her memoirs End to Torment.
Music: Sergei Rachmaninoff
Costume: D. Foreman
Duet, 11"

"So I May Say I died of living, having lived one hour." —H.D.

"It revealed the bounteous breadth of their style—soft, sweeping movements of limbs and torsos, and a gentle radiance in their relationship... created an ambience that set the tone for the whole program."
- Patricia Laughlin, DANCE AUSTRALIA

Prelude (1997)
Music: Gerald Finzi
Costume: Christina Gianinni
Solo, 5"

The Place in Question (1997)
Music: Johannes Brahms
Costume: Christina Gianinni
Solo, 8"

Field of Loves (1993)
...SSION (duet, 7:20)
...ING (duet, 5:42)
Music: Johannes Brahms
Costumes: Christina Gianinni, Jacqulyn Buglisi
6 dancers, 15"

"Martha Graham's principal chosen vessels in her final years... make a mark on their own. ...The magnificent performances of the Brahms, by the Broyhill Chamber Ensemble, lift the dancers like heady wine into a stratosphere of intensity..."
- Francis Mason, WQXR/96.3 FM

"Mr. Foreman's enraptured, lyrical "Field of Loves, "a perfect opening...delivering messages of passion...with blessed crispness and invention...Ms. Capucilli and Mr. Foreman both delightful in a rare chance at playfulness...Ms. Dakin, a dancer of burning intensity, and Pier, heroic and urgent, in a stylized battle of lovers..."
- Jennifer Dunning, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"...a work of exceptional lyricism..conceived completely in a contemporary vein...everything blended flawlessly..."
- Jennie Schulman, BACK STAGE

"...splendid onrushes of kinetic passion...virtuosic partnering..."
- Anna Kisselgoff, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"The duet for Dakin and Pier...showed Foreman's true command of movement in a duet so touching as to bring tears..."
- Phyllis Goldman, BACKSTAGE

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